It can’t actually be said that the new album of Death Cab for Cutie is a new-wave of the band, but more a continuity for the fans who agree with and appreciate the pretty rectilinear indie style of Death Cab for Cutie.

It then follows, as up to expectations, that half of the tracks remind us of previous albums: Home is a Fire, Doors Unlocked and Open, You are a Tourist, Monday Morning and Underneath the Sycamore. However, Codes and Keys provides something new, a more playful sound, followed by Some Boys, definitely the hit of the 2011.

Unobstructed Views, acoustic and sad, has the fluorescent kind of melody: this means that when you close your eyes, imminent waves of an ocean are seen, and you are floating into a sweet oblivion. A wonderful song, remarkable in a restrained context, not so closely followed by St.Paul’s Cathedral. The piano rhythm of Portable Television somehow strangely seems to recall Chuck Berry in his golden ‘50s and ‘60s, whereas Stay Young Go Dancing adopted a pleasant, folkish rhythmic.

Even though Codes and Keys is not that much of a surprise and a musical reform for Death Cab for Cutie, it doesn’t take an optimist to find this album relaxing for an open state of mind.

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